Hurrah! We are going back into the asbestos mines! And it is going to be subsidised by our taxes on top of that, what a joy, “fair share” 1 and other media narrative. You know, in India, they do want this asbestos; here we know perfectly well that it causes lung cancer, but over there, it seems they do not care, and god knows we shouldn’t expect much display of humanity from the Charest government. When there is a buck to be made and a business dinner with a podium in front of a white board branded with the seal of the local chamber of commerce, our ineffable prime minister is always on point, along with his loyal suit (the latter being accountable for at least 60% of the votes the PLQ 2 collects every electoral season). The competition might be solid though, François Legault’ suit also welcomes major support when it is not escorted by the badge of the CAQ. 3

Quebec is small-sized, and sometimes I thank the devil we are not larger.


  This text was written in reaction to the June 2012 announcement that Jeffrey Mine would receive a $58-million loan by the Quebec government. This amount should cover two-thirds of the cost of renovating and reopening the mine and will be granted if private investors, led by Balcorp Ltd., provide another $25-million. The main market for the asbestos industry will be developing countries, especially India. On our FB page, the discussion that followed the publication of this text resumed pretty much the dissension between the government / industrial perspective versus the scientific / medical position. 4

faire sa juste part in French) is the motto used by medias in Quebec to sell the concept known, in Europe and elsewhere, as “austerity measures”. One might note the manipulative quality of this slogan though, implying that nothing unreasonable is asked from the people: far from taking fraudulently from them, austerity policies are simply a contribution portrayed as “equitable”. The focus is therefore diverted from the definition of  “fair” to the questioning of the integrity of those who would challenge such a virtuous maxim.

2- Quebec Liberal Party

3- Francçois Legault is the co-founder of the CAQ (Coalition Avenir Québec), a right-wing party founded in 2011.

4- More on the subject:
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